Waiting for a Rainy Europe

I might have said it before but I love traveling. In writing moment I am sitting in the Global First Lounge at SFO and casually observing people in transit. It intrigues my mind to ponder for a few moments where they come from, where they are going, and what made them who they are. 

Sometimes I make an effort interacting, but most often I prefer my own observation bubble where I can see the world as a moving piece of art and drama.

I am trying to categorize and extract patterns. The brain relies on reinforcing stereotypes, so am not trying to fight it.

Everyone here are keeping busy in their own ways. 

The suit people are reading magazines, or they are on their phones, or their computers. Almost always with a glass of wine to keep them company – no matter time of day. Perhaps they live in their own global time zone? Perhaps the wine gives them warmth in anotherwise cold and shallow environment?

Then we have the polo and jeans males. Yes only males as women in here dress travel-fancy or all-in-comfy. Often the polo males are multi-tasking: watching the TV stream, and their phone, and being on a phone call, and eating. Busy body language, never at ease. A bit ego-pushy mixed with hyper-alert. Do they ever sleep? Do they ever smile an uncalculated smile? Are they actually happy or just high on adrenaline?

The couple in the corner is very composed, low voice conversation with a lot of pause. Companions traveling in style? Either way a couple is a rarity here this time of day. Mostly this room hosts business men, traveling alone. But I like the refreshing existance of the couple. The lady is drinking Champagne.

Of the twenty or so individuals I see, there is only me and one other woman traveling alone. This is the usual ratio give or take a few. I wish there were more of us, but you can only change the world by setting example and by changing yourself. So for the time being I choose to enjoy being unique. 

Published by

Eva Andreasson

Crazy innovator, with a past as JVM-chick, currently Hadooping at Cloudera. Also loves music, art, and travel.

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