A Speech to my Past Self

I am speaking to a high school class of girls next week. It is kind of daunting. Why? I have spoken to audiences of 100s of people before. I have given key notes. I have been in media and I have lots to say to these  young ladies. So why the clinch? 

I think it is so important what and how you say things to young adults. You never know what sentens will follow them through life and shape them.

I think I aldo identify with these kids. Lost in options, with ambitions, confused, smart, new, and brilliant. And then the world is still unknown to them. Still without shape. What should I share with them? What will help them and not be tainted of my generation’s limitations? What will be the best for them forward?

I was there. That was me. What would I have liked someone to tell me? Back then…

I have a hunch this will be one of my toughest speeches ever. The speech of encouragement and promise and opportunity – to my younger self – but when knowing better…

Published by

Eva Andreasson

Crazy innovator, with a past as JVM-chick, currently Hadooping at Cloudera. Also loves music, art, and travel.

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