Tech for Good

Drones. Most people I meet get scared about the future when talking about drones. Others get excited about quick home delivery of purchased items, remote any-angle selfies, etc. They get excited about the self-centered convenience new technology may bring them.

Very few realize the genuinly good technology can do for man and womankind. It isnt their first thought, unfortunately. 

I met this amazing co-founder of a startup in the Drone space the other day. The passion was undefiable. Passion to help people. 

As a kid the thought had planted itself to help change the world for the better. Fortunate enough to have a family who could afford investing in education of their children in an otherwise developing area: a great journey started within law. Political law to be exact. As the idea and drive were to improve the circumstances for less fortunate through political change.

The fall of this beautiful vision reflected on the CEO’s face as the story was further told about how that dream was slowly but surely crushed by the selfishness of politics in our era.

So how can you change the world without politics? The search lead to technology. Nothing has changed the world as technology has. So tech it was. The answer.

The company is a startup in Silicon Valley. It builds drones for good purposes – such as brining medicine to hazardous or remote areas. Safely.

The CEO’s passion stayed with me. For weeks. I know that feeling. I have worked on many good projects. It helps you breathe lighter, stand up straighter, and it makes you love what you do. 

The CEO was outstanding. 

A few summary thoughts:

  • Why fear technology when it has helped the world become a better place for so many decades?
  • We need more good startups!
  • Oh and did I happen to mention that the CEO and co-founder was a woman, born and raised in Latin America? (No, I intentionally did not). Just sayin she “outstanded” quite a few other CEOs I’ve met in my days. I want to see many more like her! #diversityiskeytoabetterworld

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Eva Andreasson

Crazy innovator, with a past as JVM-chick, currently Hadooping at Cloudera. Also loves music, art, and travel.

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